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CHWS D.I.Y Workshop success!

Coffs Harbour Women's Shed held a successful one-day D.I.Y. workshop, facilitated by a professional female tradie, Penny Petridis.

Our first fully facilitated workshop was open to women with current Coffs Harbour Women's Shed membership and members that held a current concession card. Usually valued at $480, we were able to provide this for free under the NSW Investing in Women Program.

With no prior experience required, safe and effective instruction was provided by experienced instructor, Penny Petridis. Participants were provided access to a portable work bench and a set of basic tools. Throughtout the day, they laernt about:

  • Common toolbox tools and how to use them

  • Different types of screws and fixings and their use

  • Drills & drill bits

  • Different types of structural timbers

  • 3 common hardwoods

  • The power drill and impact driver and how to use them

  • How to correctly draw and spec up your project.

Participants were taken through a series of activities leading to the construction of a small wooden box and gained skills required to fix items to plasterboard and masonry walls.

Participants finished up with a Certificate of participation and a big empowered smile!

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