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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

The Lions Club of Coffs Harbour believes there is a great need to have a safe, supportive and social space in which women from all ages and backgrounds are supported to learn new skills, build confidence and expand their social networks.

In 2020, an increasing level of mental health issues due to isolation and the need for connection along with alarming rates of women over 45 at risk of homelessness gave us a vision, to connect women from all backgrounds, help them form friendships and support each other to learn new skills, and a purpose to raise self-esteem through increased self-sufficiency and on-going support, and that is why The Lions Club of Coffs Harbour ultimately decided to launch Coffs Harbour Women's Shed Project.

The Coffs Harbour Women's Shed Project aims to provide a women’s only space that combats loneliness and builds self-esteem by empowering women to develop a variety of skills and improve wellbeing.

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