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More than just a shed.

The Coffs Harbour Women's Shed Project aims to build a safe and supportive space for women, where women can comfortably connect, share knowledge, skills, and support each other to grow.  There is currently no other space for women only in Coffs Harbour. 

This is more than just creating a space for women to build stuff, it is about building women. 

We are currently lobbying Government, working on funding applications, looking for a suitable premises, and it all takes time and money.

When we get this shed built, Coffs Harbour Women's Shed will be a dedicated space for all women. It will be an inclusive space created to combat loneliness, build relationships, develop life skills and increase self-esteem. The shed will provide a smorgasbord activities and workshops that will potentially lead to opportunities for employment, new business and further education.

All women are welcome to join our community regardless of their background or current circumstances. 

All women in our community will benefit from the authentic connections and support that will result from this supportive and non-intimidating environment.

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More than just a shed, word cloud image

The Coffs Harbour Women's Shed Project was initiated by The Lions Club of Coffs Harbour who believe there is a great need to have a safe, supportive and social space where women can talk openly, much like the men’s shed.

In 2020, an increasing level of mental health issues due to isolation, and the need for connection, along with alarming rates of women over 45 at risk of homelessness, gave us a vision and a purpose.  

Through a Women's Shed, we aim to connect women from all backgrounds, help them form friendships and support each other to learn new skills and pass on old ones. We hope that through increased self-sufficiency and on-going support, we will see an increase in self-esteem, independence, confidence and employment. 

That is why we ultimately decided to launch the Coffs Harbour Women's Shed Project.

We are connected to many community groups and women's support services that are in support of this project and excited about working with us, helping us provide a 'soft landing' for women after trauma.

We welcome support from local business, sponsors and people willing to contribute to its development.

We are continuing to collect data to ascertain community interest and participation through our survey (below). Please complete the survey, register your interest, and let us know about the skills and knowledge that you have to share.​​

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“When we invest in women and girls, we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else.”

– Melinda Gates

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Create a safe and supportive environment to improve the mental health of women in the Coffs Harbour area.

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Construct a sustainable building that enables women to connect, learn and build on and share life skills.

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Empower women to take control and become more self-sufficient.

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Strengthen and connect existing community networks to provide opportunities for women in our region.

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The purpose of the Coffs Harbour Women's Shed is not just to build stuff, it is to build women!

What would you like to learn, see or do, in a space like this?

Use the survey link below to tell us what you think we need to create this fantastic space to empower and connect women.

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